Look Mom! No cavities!

Is it realistic to think a child could go through teen-age years without ever having cavities?Absolutely! At King Dental Group, we believe that with the proper coaching children can get through high school without ever having a cavity, and that is our goal for the children in our practice. You might ask yourself, “How can this be?” We emphasize the term proper coaching as well as using a different approach to help attain this goal of no cavities.

We like to see our child and teenage patients four times a year (only 2 are charged appointments). We do this for several reasons. First, having children come in this often helps get them familiar with us, and it makes our office a very comfortable place to be. Second, and even more importantly, we are able to continually reinforce good oral hygiene habits and proper tooth brushing, for these visits are set up to allow your child to demonstrate exactly how he or she is cleaning their mouth daily at home. Lastly, we will be able to catch any developmental or dental problems early on and treat minimally instead of being forced to place large repairs later. We strongly believe that with our coaching, children can make it through their teens without ever knowing what it is like to have a filling placed.

As a way to give back to our community and reach out to the families and children of the Santa Barbara area, we are offering free exams for children age one through high school, including x-rays where applicable. Please call King Dental Group 805-687-1548 for your child’s free exam today.