Our Answers to Common Dental Phobias

I have not been to the dentist for a long time, and I feel worried about what you will say about my teeth and my oral hygiene.
Although your current dental conditions do have relevance, we partner with our patients to discover their preferred dental future.

My teeth are very sensitive.
We are aware that some people’s teeth are more sensitive. When a patient says their teeth are sensitive we take them at their word. We avoid doing anything that would create sensitivity.

Pain relief is a top priority for me.
When a person is in pain, our primary concern is to alleviate that discomfort. Interestingly, we have discovered that it generally takes very little to get someone comfortable dentally. Then, we can begin to discover “Why” the problem is there and address the actual CAUSE together.

I’m very anxious about injections.
Our patient’s comfort is a top priority for us. Our doctors use the most current techniques to ensure your comfort throughout all phases of your treatment.

I feel out of control in the dental chair (or I have an extreme problem with lying down).
Our patients are always in control when they are in our dental chair. Our patient’s comfort is our priority. We have seen patients who can not physically lean back in the chair and we do our best to accommodate them.

I gag easily.
Many people have a problem with this issue. Our doctors and staff are always aware of how you are reacting to treatment and we allow you to stop treatment if necessary.

I hate the noise of dental instruments.
Technology has improved to where dental instruments are quieter than they used to be. However, if noises still bother you, we have the option of letting you wear head phones and listening to music of your choice.

Please tell me about the treatment options and the ways these can be carried out.
We always begin our relationship with our patients by creating together a Master plan, set to achieve what you want for your dental health. This allows you to hear, understand and choose the treatment you decide is most appropriate for you.

I need to know that you will stop when I give a pre-agreed “stop” signal during treatment.
Because we are so aware of our patients comfort, our doctors will discuss with you how to let them know if you need to stop for any reason during treatment – usually by lifting a hand — and treatment will immediately stop until you are comfortable.

It would help me if you could explain to me what you are doing and why.
We always keep our patients totally informed of what is happening during treatment, and what to expect so there are no surprises.

I have health problems that we need to discuss.
All health concerns and changes in health are addressed before any treatment is ever started.

There are other issues I’d like to talk about that aren’t covered on this form.
We take time to talk with our patients anytime before, during, or after appointments. Our patient’s comfort and freedom to communicate with us is the key to a great relationship.