Five Star Service

Think back to your last experience where the customer service was exceptional. What was it that made it so great??

Recently, we went to a five star restaurant. Our car was valet parked, we were greeted by name, and we were given a small gift with our name engraved on it. When we were taken to our table, the women in our party were asked if they wanted foot stools. Those that did, had their shoes removed, and their feet placed on a cushioned foot stool. Menus were distributed, but the only ones with listed prices were given to those who were going to be paying. The food, of course, was wonderful. When we were finished eating and the bill had been paid, we sat for quite a while visiting. However, when we finally left the restaurant, we found our car was at the door with the engine running and the doors open for us. Although we certainly had great food, what we remember is the EXPERIENCE.

Here at King Dental Group, our entire team is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to make each client’s visit an outstanding and exceptional memorable experience.

We are not a “usual and customary” dental office, and our clients continue to comment on the service they receive when they are visiting us. Our desire is that your visit to King Dental Group will always be remembered as a 5-star experience.

Dr. King and his team understand what it means to offer great dental service. At King Dental Group, our team is constantly working to find new and innovative ways to help each of our patients enjoy an exceptional experience when visiting our office. We have a number of patient comforts available, including headphones and neck pillows.

We are here to provide customized dental care for your entire family. We want you to have a beautiful smile and achieve optimal dental health.

Give our office a call at 805-687-1548 to schedule a complimentary consultation, so you can see for yourself how our dental care is customized to fit your best interest for optimal dental health and lasting beauty.