Who We Are

We are a practice that is dedicated to providing high quality dental care and compassionate service to all of our patients. We want every patient to brighten the world with a healthy and beautiful smile. No matter your background, or age, our team is here for you.

Our Vision

Our Vision is that of a dental practice which is totally dedicated to discovering and meeting the needs of our clients with regards to their health and more specifically their dental health. In order to accomplish this, it is necessary to give people the opportunity and help in assessing and expressing what they value, even if that value should turn out NOT to be for health. Along the way, and in order to achieve this vision, our Dental team has arranged our own thought processes so that we have answered and defined for ourselves our own deepest values.

Modern dentistry can provide far more for people than simply “repaired teeth”. A happy and healthy smile contributes immeasurably to a human being’s proper sense of self-esteem and sense of overall worth. We are finding out more and more that a healthy mouth also contributes to overall body health. We are privileged to be in a profession which offers so much value to mankind.

Our purpose is to help people achieve the highest level of well-being personally appropriate for them and in so doing to enhance the quality of their lives and our own.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the mouth is the gateway to overall health, therefore improving self-esteem.

We provide an exceptional supportive experience where our clients can learn to define and take responsibility for their own dental future.

We do this by remaining on the cutting edge of dental knowledge, which allows our clients to receive the best that modern dentistry can provide.

Private Care Creed

We believe that every person should have the freedom to establish and participate in an environment that promotes these beliefs:

That all individuals should be cared for with dignity and respect.

That all persons should exercise their human rights of freedom of choice, the pursuit of happiness (both spiritual and material), and the duty of personal responsibility.

That health-centered (caring) methods and models should be promoted and practiced in lieu of disease-centered (curing) methods and models.

That voluntary, interdependent relationships should be created based on shared values.

In the freedom to create an environment conducive to improvement of the quality of life of all parties concerned.