Relieving Your Dental Anxiety At King Dental Group

Categories: General Dentistry
Relieving Your Dental Anxiety At King Dental Group

Hello Santa Barbara dental blog visitors, welcome to the King Dental Group blog. I am Dr. Jon King of King Dental Group in Santa Barbara. A close friend of mine recently expressed fears about her upcoming root canal. She was anxious about the pain she might experience and worried about getting work off for the […]

Do Whitestrips Work?

Categories: Cosmetic Dentistry
Do Whitestrips Work in Santa Barbara?

If you have visited the toothpaste aisle at your Santa Barbara grocery store, you have probably noticed dozens of products that claim to whiten your teeth. A few years ago, the only over-the-counter tooth whitening options in Santa Barbara were whitening toothpastes and Crest Whitestrips. Now there is a wide variety of products at every […]

Go Back In Time

Categories: Dental Implants
cosmetic dental Santa Barbara

So you’ve lost some teeth and now hesitate to smile because of the gaps. If only you could go back in time and regain that full-toothed smile you once had. Guess what? With dental implants, you can! For most patients, a tooth implant is the ideal replacement for both the root and crown of a […]

Unexplained Headaches Or Jaw Pain?

Categories: Oral Health
unexplained jaw pain

Hello! I’m Jon King, DDS, of King Dental Group in Santa Barbara. I have been practicing quality general and cosmetic dentistry since 1967. Today’s post focuses on malocclusion, or bad bite. Malocclusion is the dental term for a problem in the way your top and bottom teeth come together. The ideal bite is when the […]

What Is Oil Pulling?

Categories: Oral Health
Santa Barbara lowest price teeth bleaching

Today’s King Dental Group dental post looks at oil pulling; an alternative practice that has been generating a lot of buzz around Santa Barbara. Oil pulling has been a part of Indian Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. It is the practice of swishing oil in the mouth for twenty minutes to benefit the teeth, […]

Soft, Medium, Or Buzz Lightyear?

Categories: Family Dentistry
Affordable Dentistry in Santa Barbara

At King Dental Group, Dr. Jon King is often asked how to choose the most basic tool of oral hygiene, the toothbrush. Picking a toothbrush in Santa Barbara can be as difficult as choosing a paint color, and there seems to be just as many choices. If you have visited the dental section of your […]

King Dental Group Can Make Your Whites Whiter

Categories: Cosmetic Dentistry
King Dental Group Can Make Your Whites Whiter

Hi, I’m Dr. Jon King, an experienced Santa Barbara general dentist serving the greater Santa Barbara area. One of the most common requests I get from my dental patients is whiter teeth. I am happy to say that Santa Barbara dental patients are in luck when it comes to teeth whitening in California, because cosmetic […]

What’s The Latest With Veneers?

Categories: Cosmetic Dentistry
Santa Barbara Prepless Veneers

One of the best ways to improve your smile in Santa Barbara cosmetic dentistry is veneers. Thousands of Goleta and Montecito smile restoration patients who have received veneers are happy with the results. Santa Barbara veneers are a minimally-invasive procedure for transforming Santa Barbara smiles. Veneers at King Dental Group are incredibly thin shells that adhere to […]

Behind The Scenes: Dental Crown Fabrication

Categories: Dental Implants
how a dental crown is made Santa Barbara

Today’s post looks at the complex process required to construct a dental crown. Dental crowns can be constructed with metal, ceramic (porcelain), plastics, or varying combinations of these. We will describe the process used to create a porcelain crown, though the steps are similar to those used for other materials. Modern porcelain crowns are a […]

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