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Benefit of White Fillings Over Amalgam Fillings in Santa Barbara

white fillings vs amalgam fillings in Montecito and Goleta

At King Dental Group west of Montecito, we choose to be a mercury free dentist. We believe in providing mercury free solutions, because it helps make sure that our patients are getting safe, top quality care. Mercury has been linked to a number of health issues, and at one time was commonly used in metal amalgam dental fillings.

Mercury can act as a toxin that causes a number of issues.

Some issues that can be caused by mercury in your system include:

  • Food allergies
  • Neurological disorders as well as other nervous system issues
  • Problems with your cardiovascular system
  • Problems relating to your cardiovascular system
  • Increased chance of your immune system becoming weakened
  • Increased potential for collagen related diseases

We are committed to keeping our practice mercury free in Santa Barbara, in order to help our patients and their families better avoid the issues associated with mercury.

Some of out mercury free services include:

mercury free dentist for dental fillings in Santa Barbara and Goleta

White fillings | At King Dental Group, we have chosen not to use metal dental fillings, as they can contain mercury and we are committed to keeping our practice and our patients mercury free. Instead of metal amalgam dental fillings, we use beautiful and durable white fillings made of modern composites. White fillings look just like your natural teeth and compliment your beautiful smile.

Removal of amalgam fillings | If you already have metal amalgam fillings, we can help you get them removed and replaced with modern safe white fillings. We believe that getting these old fillings replaced should be a top priority for the sake of the health of our patients.

The complete oral health of you and your family is our top priority in Santa Barbara. If you have any questions about getting amalgam fillings removed and replaced, or questions about mercury free dentistry, please contact us today if you are in the Santa Barbara area, from Goleta to Montecito!

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  • Dr. Jim, Dr. Jon, and Peggy: I can’t tell you how happy Mother Mary is with her new smile. It was the best 88th birthday present she could have received. Not only does she now smile fully (hasn’t done that for as long as I can remember), but she looks ten years younger and says she feels at least ten years younger. She is one happy camper, and you guys are the absolute best. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    —Susan B.
  • I am having Dr. Jon King take out old fillings and replace them with new white ones. He is fast, friendly and really funny. I am an adult, but am seriously glad that he's a dad. His attitude towards his patients is kind and caring. I actually was laughing so hard today that I had to sit up in the middle of two replacement fillings. Even with the laughing and silliness I was out of there in an hour.
    —Cheryl G.
  • I have been going to King Dental for about 3 years now and I am so happy! They are so passionate and kind, and I always look forward to my appointments. Can't say enough good things about them!
    —Kara R.

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