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I can’t say enough about the dedication and skill of King Dental Group. I’ve never been so empowered to communicate freely with my dentist before; to know that what I say is really listened to and acted on is a gift. Most of all, I am so grateful for the effective treatment I am receiving for a long standing TMJ problem.  Within 30 minutes of being fitted with the orthotic, my neck and jaw muscles had relaxed so much that it was like I’d had a good massage. You don’t realize how much you’ve been putting up with as ‘normal’ until you experience relief. Goodbye to waking up every morning to sore and stiff muscles and teeth that ache from grinding in the night. Wow!

– Deborah G.

I am one of those fortunate individuals, whose parents cared greatly about my health growing up; including the health of my teeth. I saw a dentist twice a year, had sealants placed on my teeth, and was in braces twice for a total of 5 years. When I completed schooling and moved out on my own, the need to find a good dentist was important. At the age of 25, I met a dentist who was intrigued not only by healthy teeth, but had a concise philosophy for his work. Unfortunately, my job changed, and I had to move before I could enter into treatment. When I arrived in Santa Barbara, I was eager to find a dentist with a philosophy and purpose, beyond just the usual teeth-cleaning method. I struggled to find what I was looking for, until I met Dr. Jon King.

I have been a patient with King Dental Group for a few months now and have enjoyed optimal care and treatment. Back In high school, I developed the habit of grinding my teeth. Over the years, this habit caused damage not only to my teeth, but also resulted in constant low grade headaches, with the occasional migraine. As the stress of work increased, so did the headaches, teeth grinding, and jaw clenching. I had become accustomed to it, as no doctors or dentists could offer much consolation. When I started at King Dental Group, both Dr. Jon and Dr. Jim were attentive to all aspects of my oral health. And for the first time, I received more than medication to take care of the headaches. For the last month and a half, I have been involved in MAGO therapy and though I am only half way through the diagnostic process, the changes are evident. My headaches have subsided almost entirely, my TMJ has ceased, and as my jaw stabilizes I have been able to sleep better and wake up without tension in my jaw. With each weekly visit, to adjust my MAGO, I feel and see the differences in my chewing system and in my face. It has been a healing and restorative process. Though my treatment is not yet complete, I am excited for the outcome and thankful for the transparent, caring, and honest work of Drs. Jon and Jim King and their staff. In a season when my job has doubled in responsibility and the stress of life has increased, I am blessed by the absence of headaches and pain that MAGO treatment has provided.

– Kristin D.

When I first went to Dr. Jim and Dr. Jon King I was a nighttime teeth grinder and, despite already wearing a night guard, I was grinding my teeth to rubble. I could only comfortably eat on one side of my mouth. Nevertheless, I was skeptical about bio-esthetics when Dr. Jim and Dr. Jon first talked to me about it. The King doctors didn’t talk about dentistry like other dentists I had visited. They talked a lot about the jaw, rather than the teeth, and how mine weren’t in their natural position. They talked about how they could correct that, and fix my bite to stop my teeth from breaking up. It sounded very foreign to me at first, but one thing I noticed straight away was Dr. Jon and Dr. Jim’s passion for dentistry and their patients. They listened to me and patiently answered my questions in depth, even when I asked the same question more than once or twice. The King doctors do not practice dentistry in the way medicine is typically done in America today: their office is not an assembly line designed to make them the most money. After careful consideration, I decided to have my jaw and bite fixed, and boy am I glad I did. Eating is now comfortable and not awkward, and I’m confident I will have my teeth, in an esthetically-pleasing and much improved condition, for decades to come. Dr. Jim and Dr. Jon are paragons of what dentists should be, the farthest cry from the drill and fill hack who would rather be on the golf course.

– Stephen M.

I have spent quite a lot of time at the dentist through the years having crowns placed on my teeth as well as root canals and treatment for gum disease. In fact because of my periodontal disease, I was told I should visit my previous dentists about every 3 months – and I did that. My dental problems remained the same with each visit, however. Bleeding gums, deep pockets, bad breath, and infections in my gums all continued and even increased. I would often times get a lot of food caught in my teeth and down in my gums. I was pretty consistent with my home care routine which consisted of brushing and flossing twice a day and using water pick in the deep pocket areas.

Since coming to King Dental Group, I have experienced a unique dental experience. The New Patient Exam is the most thorough and comprehensive dental exam I have had to date. After my exam, Dr. Jon sat down with me to give me the Review of Findings that explains in detail where my dental health was at that time and what I might want to do to get to optimum health.

One of the treatments suggested to help with my gum disease is a treatment called Perio Protect.  After using Perio Protect for a little under 3 months, I started noticing some differences in my mouth, and even more. I feel like I have more energy than I have had in a long time. My gums no longer bleed and they are light pink color rather then red and irritated. I no longer have that bad breath smell and build up on my tongue. I went back a couple months later for a follow up and monitoring of my health, and found that my gums are now healthy. I no longer had deep unhealthy pocket depths. I also feel like food does not trap like it once did. I feel great and I appreciate being a patient at King Dental Group.

– Ted P.

My first experience with the King Dental Group was nothing but inspiring. Through their actions, it was easy to see that my body’s overall wellness – and not just my mouth’s health – was important to them. They took the time to get to know me and allowed me to get to know them. It was also critical for them to get an understanding of my dental and health history. That made me confident in knowing that my dental care at King Dental Group isn’t generic, run-of-the-mill dentistry. Their comittment to “stay ahead of the pack” makes me happy to know that their knowledge is up to speed with modern dentistry and not ancient practice. All these things combined make it possible for me to say that King Dental Group truly is THE diamond in the rough.

– Hani A.

Dr. Jim, Dr. Jon, and Peggy: I can’t tell you how happy Mother Mary is with her new smile. It was the best 88th birthday present she could have received. Not only does she now smile fully (hasn’t done that for as long as I can remember), but she looks ten years younger and says she feels at least ten years younger. She is one happy camper, and you guys are the absolute best. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

– Susan B.

I wish I didn’t have to wait four months to go back. (Mary, 88 years old, to her daughter Susan after her Thursday teeth cleaning, which was post eight crowns and a new smile.)

– Mary D.

Growing up, I had the usual number of cavities (which in my family was rare — my sister has yet to have a filling). When my baby teeth were replaced with permanent teeth, I seemed to have too many for my mouth and that required seeing an orthodontist to straighten them. To begin, the orthodontist had 4 of my permanent teeth extracted, and then came the braces, the retainers, and eventually the extraction of all my wisdom teeth. Not fun any of it.

So, as a child and young adult, I spent a lot of time in the dentist’s chair. I learned much about dentists and their procedures first hand. Many dentists seem to forget mouths come with lips and a tongue — they’re so busy working on TEETH.

When I moved to Santa Barbara in the early 70′s, I found the best dentist I had ever known. He was so gentle and caring. He always stopped in to see me after my teeth were cleaned — just to make sure, “Everything ok, today?” He really was concerned and all his patients knew it! He remained my dentist until about 6 years ago when he retired. I literally cried when he told me he was retiring. He had arranged for another Dentist to take over his practice and we were assured that all would be fine. But it wasn’t the same at all. No warmth, no caring, I was just another mouth with teeth and gums.

So, I started “shopping” for an exceptional dentist — having had the best, I was not going to settle for less. I kept getting recommendations and trying out dentists. I would give them more than just one or two visits, too. But none of them clicked with me.

When I joined Leads Club, I met Peggy King and Kristin King who represent King Dental Group. Dr. James King made a wonderful presentation to our group. I heard their genuine concern with folks’ health and how teeth affect that. I made an appointment with Dr. Jon King and immediately felt I had finally found my caring dentist! Dr. King was very thorough and gentle — just as my earlier dentist had been. We discussed my dental problems, their solutions and came up with a plan to address the most serious first.

My teeth and gums are still a work in progress, but Rachel has shown me a new way (with their really cool toothbrushes) to brush my teeth so that I won’t continue to have the gum issues I’ve had. Imagine at my age, I’m finally learning the BEST way to brush my teeth. I smile a lot more now, too!

Thank you, Dr. King and all your capable staff!!

– Dianna P.

Can you believe there’s a Dentist who gives you comfort without pain? I personally have experienced it at King Dental. Both Dr Jon and Dr Jim King are personable and great listeners, and are interested in hearing what is important to you. They have a crew of highly trained staff and this is a family oriented business that looks out for the welfare of not only your teeth but your whole mouth, which leads to overall better health. These doctors are passionate about their work and about making you feel welcomed and caring for your needs. Both of them are continually studying the latest dental procedures and techniques. I truly believe in them and would refer any one to their dental office!

– Ellen H.