What Sets Us Apart?

Our Mission

We believe oral health contributes to over all health and self esteem. We provide a comfortable, supportive atmosphere where our patients can learn to take responsibility for their own dental health. We do this by providing quality dental care consistent with the most current dental knowledge.

A Relationship Driven Practice

We take pride in getting to know our patients and their goals for their dental health. We have many patients say that they feel like family throughout their experience in our office. We think this happens because we are there solely for the patient. We are not an “insurance driven” practice and we believe that gives us the freedom to help our patients achieve Optimal Health and Lasting Beauty.

New Patient Experience

Our doctors routinely take open-ended time to sit down and listen and understand our patients during a complimentary consultation. This gives potential patients the opportunity to express what they value and how they would like to be treated in our office. When a patient decides the King Dental Group is a good fit for them, we take the time to gather information about their dental health through a complete and thorough oral examination. Quite often, our new patients share with us that they have never had such a complete and thorough exam before, and for the first time they felt like some one cared about their overall health and was willing to listen to their questions and concerns.

Comprehensive Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

During a New Patient exam, the doctors spend about 2 to 3 hours gathering the information about that particular patient. Once all the information has been gathered, they typically spend another 2 to 3 hours reviewing the data collected and putting together a written Review of Findings to go over with the patient. After the patient reads and discusses the Review of Findings with the doctor, both the patient and doctor come up with the Treatment Plan or what we often call the Master Plan, aimed at actually achieving the goals the patient has stated.

Cutting Edge Mindset

At the beginning of our practice, we made the decision to be on the leading edge in the art and science of dentistry. This translates into hundreds of hours of Continuing Education each year so that our Dental team can provide for each patient the best that modern dentistry can provide.

Preventive Dental Practice

We believe that almost all dental disease can be prevented. We create an atmosphere and help each patient learn how to effectively maintain their own dental health. Dental repairs can indeed be very expensive — Preventive dental maintenance is far less costly!