Health Monitoring Vs. Teeth Cleaning

What is the difference between “Health Monitoring Therapy” at King Dental Group and a “Usual Teeth Cleaning” at a traditional dental office?

At King Dental Group we believe that prevention is the key to dental and overall health. We boldly embrace the truth that a healthy mouth results in a happy, confident person. Charles Mayo once stated, many years ago: “Healthy teeth and gums can add as much as ten years to human life”. He was referring to the connection, now being documented by many studies, between oral health and overall systemic health. Our deepest desire for our clients is that they understand how they can take responsibility for the health of their own mouth. With that in mind, by far the most important part of maintenance visits to our office involve careful monitoring of the current status of health and a review of those findings with the patient.

Traditionally, people have been led to believe that they are “due” for a cleaning at certain prescribed intervals. All too often, we are told, people feel as if they are moved in and out like a fast food restaurant and often feel like they’ve just been run through the carwash with no car. Even worse, they are not offered any guidance for continuing to improve their health status. Since the bacteria that contribute to poor oral health begin to re-accumulate within a half-hour after being cleaned off professionally, we do not believe this is an effective service to offer our clients.

Our Hygienist, Jennifer, performs a very comprehensive oral cancer screening after taking any X-rays deemed necessary by one of our two doctors. She then follows up with a comprehensive monitoring of your gum tissue health. Jennifer not only checks the depths of the groove formed between your teeth and gums to aid in monitoring your dental bone level, but she also checks for plaque and any bleeding that might occur from the gums. After she completes this fact-gathering part of your Health Monitoring appointment, you are able to view percentile scores for your plaque and bleeding control on that day. She will point out where the plaque and bleeding were present, if any, and then help you decide if there are homecare tools that will be more effective and easy for you to use at home to maintain your own dental health. Since our patients desire to maintain their own health, they are coming to our office to demonstrate how healthy things are rather than just for a clean-up. By the way, our patients always will leave the office with a clean mouth – PLUS the knowledge needed to keep it that way.

We at King Dental Group are convinced that this is by far the most thorough and effective way to help you with your health maintenance efforts.