Let That Winning Smile Shine

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Grappling with yellowed, discolored, stained, or even multi-colored teeth in the 93105 zip code area? Teeth whitening might be the answer.

Such irregularities are usually simple to repair, reverse or bypass and with few exceptions a smart smile makeover move! Everyone in Santa Barbara wants a winning smile.

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A Brighter, Whiter Smile

The caring, family-oriented staff at King Dental Group have exceptional, professional experience dating back to 1967. Let them review the current state of your smile and guide you to a brighter, whiter look.

Specializing in bioaesthetic dentistry, family dentistry, and Crozat orthodontics when you need us. See https://www.kingdentalgroup.com/meet-dr-jon-king/ for more information.

A home tooth whitening kit is certainly a cheap tooth whitening option. Meet with Dr. Jon King and we’ll work the math with you. How many kits would equal the same results from the dentist? Affordable dentistry is available.

Keep in mind that there’s more to a great smile than just whiter teeth.

Smooth, consistent color
Straighter, uniform positioning
Proportional tooth size
Gum appearance
Lack of chips and cracks

Get clear, manageable answers about veneers, teeth whitening, invisalign braces, tooth implants, crowns and fillings. If you want to know how much dental work will cost, the cost of holistic bioaesthetic dentistry, the cost of family dentistry, the price for Invisalign clear braces, cosmetic dentistry or Trudenta TMJ treatment – just ask the experts at King Dental Group!

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